Upstate Hidden Gem: Route 5 and Palatine Bridge

Route 5 - Palatine Bridge, NY - Photo by Sparrow Hall
Farm at dusk / Route 5, Palatine Bridge, NY

When I feel like skipping the mind-numbing dullness of I-90, I like to jump over to one of the old interstates. These sun-baked stretches of asphalt harken back to a time when road trips were relegated to the two-laners cutting east/west across the state. Route 5 is one of those glorious old roads, just north of I-90. There’s an incredibly pretty stretch between Amsterdam and Little Falls. Palatine Bridge is one of the villages you’ll pass along the way – its size and charm perfectly suited to its name. You get the sense that there’s probably only about 16 people actually living in Palatine Bridge. Kind, ernest Americans made of the stuff we used to be made of. This is one of the farms you’ll pass as you’re leaving town. If you’re lucky, you’ll drive through at dusk when the evening light is doing its thing. It’s one of those wonderful and rare life-affirming moments you can experience from a car window.

Photo by Sparrow Hall

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