Upstate Electronic Artist Dubotomist Makes Music Out of PS2 Game “Ico”

Dubotomist - Icotomy EP

Since when was Ithaca NY known for its electronic music scene?

Dubotomist - Tom Orlow

Self Portrait by Tom Orlow

Meet Tom Orlow, aka. Dubotomist, a visual artist and electronic music producer based in the Ivy-league hinterlands of Ithaca NY. In a city known for law degrees and applied sciences, Dubotomist is part of a small, experimental music movement bringing an edgy undercurrent to the middle of New York State.

Orlow’s new EP “Icotomy” blends the chilled vibes of Boards of Canada with the industrial soundscapes of England’s dubstep movement.

As for its namesake, the six-song EP was created using samples from the PS2 video game “Ico.” Beautiful, atmospheric, and story-like, the six tracks serve as chapters re-imagining the game through the mind of the player.

Listen to, and download, the Icotomy EP for free via Soundcloud below.

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