Upstate Album: Pump Up the Volume Soundtrack

Pump Up the Volume Soundtrack (1990)

Nothing says Upstate New York like an angsty pirate radio station run by an attractive, literate outsider.

If you can’t remember what this movie was about – quick rewind: High schooler Christian Slater is uprooted from the Northeast and plunked down in suburban Phoenix, where instead of making an effort to fit in, he breaks every rule in FCC playbook and unwittingly incites a youth rebellion.

The soundtrack features an uncanny collection of late-night-deep-conversation artists, including Concrete Blonde (covering Leonard Cohen!), The Cowboy Junkies, Ivan Neville (?), and a bizarre song by Bauhaus frontman Peter Murphy about a miniature secret camera.

For reasons of authenticity, you can’t seem to download this album anywhere. However, Amazon still offers it on CD… and cassette? Thank you, Amazon. Buy it. Clutch it against your chest. Then pop it in and press play.

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