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Upstate Garden Party Mix - Summer 2013

You’re on your way to a party at someone’s family’s mansion. There’s no address. Just a note in the invite: “Turn right at the Meeting House, then down a mile or so til you see an old iron gate on your right. The buzzer is broken, just push it open.” So you do. And you wind the car up the hillside, into an ancient grove of evergreens that doubles as a makeshift parking lot. In the distance you hear music – rhythmic, thumping. There. The mansion on the hill, a disheveled behemoth of moss and vine. The music gets louder as you grow near, and you follow it around the side of the greenhouse, under the arbor, to the back patio alive with laughter, dancing – an afternoon let loose. Where am I? you wonder, as friends emerge from the crowd to take your arm and pull you in. “What took you so long??”

“Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine” Garden Party DJ Mix
Giovanni di Mola X An Upstate of Mind

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1. Summer Breeze (Intro edit) – Seals & Crofts
2. Entrance – Washed Out
3. Jo – Goldfrapp
4. La Femme Ressort – La Femme
5. Meixner – Tosca
6. Last Chance for Love – Max Essa
7. Absence feat. Rssll – Riva Starr
8. Too High – Gramme
9. Hello My Friend – Mark Jackus & Golden Parazyth
10. Ride (Hugo Barntt Remix) – Lana Del Rey
11. Blue Skies (Maya Jane Coles Remix) – Ella Fitzgerald
12. Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Theme – The City Of Prague Philharmonic
13. Si e’ Spento il Sole vs. V. Capossela – Riva Starr
14. Don’t Stop The Dance (Punks Jump Up Remix) – Bryan Ferry
15. Reunion (Âme Remix) – The XX
16. Happy Mondays (Original Mix) – Sharam Jey, Jean Claude Ades
17. Do You Feel What I Feel (Edit) – Rex The Dog feat. Jamie McDermott
18. Certail Things (Interlude) – Gil Scott-Heron
19. We All Are Dancing (Sharam Jey Remix) – Jean Claude Ades
20. Hold Up (Joe’s Dub) – Osborne (feat. Joe Goddard)
21. Mi Negrita (Daniele Di Martino Edit) – Devendra Banhart
22. Summer Breeze (Outro edit) – Seals & Croft
23. Bazaar (Excerpt) – Ruth Draper

Garden Party Mix - Summer 2013 - Giovanni di Mola X An Upstate of MInd

Giovanni di Mola Giovanni di Mola is a DJ, photographer, and digital marketing consultant based in Hudson, NY. He has been featured in VICE Magazine, Italian Vogue, GENRE Magazine and TimeOut NY, and currently serves as Music Advisor to An Upstate of Mind. To learn more about Giovanni, his work, and inspirations visit L’ISPIRAZIONE >

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