Cool New Shop: Harvey’s Counter, Hudson NY

Harvey's Counter - Hudson NY - Photo by Sparrow Hall

This place is a Pinterest album waiting to happen.
Harvey’s Counter is what I like to call “Edgy French” – where beautiful linens and scarves commingle with strange carnival relics, chunky handmade bags, and industrial lighting fixtures. If you’re out with your girlfriend or wife and they decide to “pop inside” you might want to go nurse a hand-crafted ale/organic tea/raspberry crumb pastry across the street at The Spotty Dog Books & Ale (made for dudes looking to kill an hour or two).

For such a tiny store, proprietor Alexandra Dewez (British by way of France if you’re wondering what’s up with her accent) has done an impeccable job curating a collection of clothing, housewares, and art that would make anyone’s home or apartment look like it belonged in Truffaut film.

Harvey’s Counter
443 Warren Street
Hudson, NY 12534
(845) 702-0883
Open Thurs-Sun / 11am – 5pm

Visit the online store at >

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