Canandaigua: Diving Into the Finger Lakes

Diving Into the Finger Lakes

Go swimming in a pristine glacial lake, nestled in one of the world’s most renowned wine regions – rent a cottage in Middlesex, NY.

Canandaigua is one of the 11 Finger Lakes located in central New York, just outside Rochester. Lucky for me, my cousin Jeff and his wife Gabby have a family cottage along its banks in Middlesex, NY. I grew up swimming in the ocean every summer, and never really considered myself a lake person. But our weekend with Jeff and Gabby changed all that.

There are some community beaches around Canandaigua, but it’s mostly “dock diving” – meaning you’re diving off someone’s dock and swimming out to one of those floating wooden platform things. We opted for taking things a bit further and broke out the boat – a true classic from the 80s that Jeff and his family have lovingly maintained.

I don’t know the first thing about boats, so when Jeff started getting it ready, the whole process felt very official.

Getting the boat ready

How amazing is this dashboard?

Calais Boat from the 80s

And that it’s still rocking a working tape deck! Nothing says a day on the lake like some back-to-back Led Zeppelin and Rush. (On that note: I highly recommend Rochester’s classic rock station 96.5 WCMF. Their playlist is like a portal to the past.)

Audiovox Stereo Cassette Deck

Once we were in the middle of the lake, we decided to have a diving contest. Who do you think has the best form?


Swimming in Canandaigua Lake


Swimming in Canandaigua Lake

Or Erin?

Swimming in Canandaigua Lake

Tough call!

That said, Gabby definitely took the gold with her wake boarding skills. There was no way I was getting on that thing.

Wake boarding!

Looking to rent a cottage near Canandaigua Lake? Here are some places to start:
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All photos by Sparrow Hall

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