A Time of Restless Readiness: Two Poems

Photo by Kirk Hakkinen

A Migration of Geese
by Antoni Ooto

A time of restless readiness.
The world and its passengers at the foot of the journey.
Each breath brings closer, a migration of life.
Since the beginning, all have known their time, without learning.
The young and old call to one another.
And raise their one voice.
The heavens sound the leaving …
                                                                      sound the arrival.


It’s Time
by Judy DeCroce

Now a wind
lifting fearfully
throwing whatever loose
to hide under.

Twilight lasts longer
lit and listening
ending in the dark.

The woods clear and clearer
begin to undress for winter.
The pond dries
geese V away.

It’s time
It’s time.


Antoni Ooto & Judy DeCroceWriter, storyteller and educator Judy DeCroce, and artist and writer Antoni Ooto are based in Brockport, New York. Married for 40 years, these two creative souls gather inspiration during their morning poetry sessions where they present, critique and revise their work together over a pot of coffee.


Header image by Kirk Hakkinen

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